I believe that I can be most effective by working in cooperation and in conjunction with your team. I can sit in on planning meetings when appropriate and contribute to the conversation.  I can translate your current plans into workable public relations initiatives.   I can introduce new publicity- or community relations-driven programs that can be strengthened via your existing marketing channels. I can take an idea and hit the ground running, or I can step in to lend your in-house team a helping hand.  You’re good at what you do and I’m good at what I do, so let’s work together and make great stuff happen. 


  • I am a small, woman-owned business.
  • I will value you, as I do all my clients, and my work on your behalf will reflect that commitment.
  • I am invested in the success of my clients and as a result have retained the majority of them long-term.


  • I bill hourly and calculate hours in 15-minute increments. 
  • I submit a deposit invoice before the project, invoices for expenses as they are incurred, and a final invoice after the event is over.
  • I submit progress reports on a regular basis, predetermined with the client, and submit a final recap when the event or project is over, when applicable.
  • I only charge a mark-up (5%) if the expense is over $500 or if it takes more than 30 days to be reimbursed.
  • There will be no surprise bills.  I will get prior approval for any expenses that are incurred.